About Me and This Blog

My name is PK and I love makeup. My obsession with makeup began long ago but didn't metastasize until December of 2008, when I discovered beauty tutorials on YT. Ever since then, I've fully embraced makeup as a fun pastime. I like makeup because it gives me an extra pick-me-up. I don't wear makeup everyday because my philosophy on beauty is about embracing yourself and your features. So in short, I like makeup as an enhancement, not a cover-up.

When I started this blog, I merely wanted to show people the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way. I don't claim to be an expert at all. I do, however, feel knowledgeable enough about the products I've tested and tried. Most of the items on this blog are bought and funded by myself. I'm not here to sell you any items. I hope that when you visit my blog, you'll see my honesty in my product reviews. I also hope that you pick up a few tricks and inspirational looks along the way.

At the end of the day, I'm here to share your love for beauty and cosmetics, and I truly hope you enjoy reading my blog. I've put a lot of time and effort into everything that I post. I'm not a big time blogger, but what I write comes from the heart. 

-Many Lipstick Kisses,