Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ULTA 64 Piece Spring Collection

Product Name: ULTA 64 Piece Spring Color Collection

Price (Range): $19.99 USD           

Purchase Locations: or ULTA stores

Cons: see review

Pros: price, lots of color choices, beautiful reusable case

Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 7

Review: I have never used ULTA products until I purchased this collection. I find that for $20.00 this product is very good for beginner makeup artists or those who just want to simply explore. I love all the eye-shadow colors (36 of them) but find that the texture is a bit on the chalky side for some of them. Furthermore, the really glittery shadows tend to have big glitter specs instead of the smaller glitter grains that are more suitable for daily usage. If using this product, I would highly recommend an eye shadow primer to keep the color as it does wear away if you have oily lids. I also thought that some of the eye shadows didn’t swatch or apply like it looked in the pan so that was a little disappointing. On the bright side, there are 36 colors so even if a few are too chalky, glittery, etc., there’s always another couple dozen of colors to choose from. As far as the blushes go, I wasn’t a fan. The blushes are way too concentrated and even though you would think this would be a good thing, it’s not. I tried several techniques to pull up the least amount of color from the blushes but it still came out too pigmented and doll-ish like on my face. I do like the lip section of this color collection. I was impressed by the color variety and formula choices (pans, glosses, lipsticks, etc.). To use the pretty lip colors in the pans, though, you must have a good lip brush or use your finger, NOT the brush that it comes with, to pick up the color since the colors are hard to get out of the pan. The final verdict for this piece: I like this kit as a beginning collection, but wouldn’t recommend it if you are well versed in the makeup field or have tried other better brands like L’Oreal HIP, etc.

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