Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Smashbox Runway Glam Box Kit

I've been in and out of Ulta recently and there was one item that was continually catching my attention. For awhile, I tried to hold off but last week, I couldn't take it anymore and swatched the product. I liked the way the products felt and looked so, of course, I bought it. Was the purchase worth it and should you buy it too? Read below for a product review.

Product Name: Smashbox Runway Glam Kit
Price: $47.00 USD
Purchase Locations: Ulta (exclusive),
Cons: Step-by-Step guide to recreate box look is not accurate and does not recreate look exactly; small brush included in eye kit does not work well
Pros: Good amount of product for price, all products in portable cases, nice neutral colors for summer wear, colors easily layer for smokey/darker effect
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 9
Review: I am really glad I invested in this set. I think the price is totally worth the amount of products you get and the quality of the products is great. I must say that what originally drew me in was the picture on the box and of course I figured that the set would show you how to recreate the look. Well, they do have a step-by-step instruction sheet to create the look on the box plus an additional look, but I feel like the pictures they show and the instructions they give do not match up. When I followed the directions, I didn't get the look shown on the box so I feel like that's the only bad part about this kit. However, when I tried to recreate the look on my own, with the products in the kit, I had more success just eyeballing what was used where. Overall, the eyeshadows are pretty good texture and quality, they are not super pigmented but they are not sheer either. The colors are nice too, I like this palette as a neutral palette. The cream liners were decent, though I tend to smudge them out because I think they look better that way, as opposed to using them as a straight liner. Keep in mind, though, that the liners are not smudge or waterproof incase you do decide to wear it as a straight liner. The blush and highlighter duo was fabulous. I loved the blush color. I do have to warn you guys, though that the blush and highlighter is a bit powdery and by that I mean they are not firmly packed into the package. Thus, when you swipe some of it onto the blush included, you're bound to have some excess product everywhere if you're not careful. The lipgloss duo was pretty nice too. The colors are sheer though and do not come out like they do on the model in the pictures. If you're looking for an opaque gloss, this isn't the product. However, for a sheer wash of color, both lip gloss ends will work well. Other than that, I really enjoyed this kit and the blush brush that was included. It was a little stiff at first so I washed it several times to break it in. So overall, I really like this kit and feel that if you really want to save money and invest in only one item this summer, you might want to look into this kit.

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