Saturday, September 26, 2009

Recreating Hollywood's Classic Day-Time Eyes

Have you ever found yourself wondering just HOW do those Hollywood stars get those glamorous eyes, like in the picture, that look so simple but yet so beautiful? Well,'s quite easy to replicate and in less than 5 minutes, you too can be day-time gorgeous.

Step 1) Using a somewhat sparkly, not glittery though, light pink, off-white, or cream colored eyeshadow, apply it to all of your lids to a little past your crease. Don't forget to use it on the inner corner of your eyes, near where the tear-duct is.

Step 2) Using a beige or brown shade that is 2-3 shades darker than the eyeshadow you used in step 1, apply it to your crease and blend it out slightly using a q-tip. Repeat this step as necessary if you blend too much away the first time or want more emphasis.

Step 3) Using a cobalt (grayish blue) colored eyeliner, line 2/3 of your eyes (use the picture above as a reference guide). Start from the outer corner and work your way in. Do not completely line your eyes, otherwise your eyes may end up looking too dramatic for day-time or it may make your eyes seem small. Also, try to make the line a little thicker when you start and taper to a thin line as you work your way inward. The emphasis on the outside corner helps to make your eyes appear rounder and larger.

Step 4) Using a q-tip, slightly blend the eyeliner to get rid of the harsh line. Do not over-blend the eyeliner though, as this will diminish the effect of it. You can re-line your eyes again if you over blend, just make sure the color density does not differ (one eye has darker eyeliner or too much eyeliner than the other).

Step 5) Using an off-white, flesh colored, or light pink eyeliner, line your lower waterline. What is a waterline? The smooth strip of skin between your lashes and your eye. If you still don't know, look at the picture above.

Step 6) Apply mascara on the the top lashes.

TA-DA! Don't you look fabulous?!

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