Sunday, April 11, 2010

Current Beauty Wish List

I went to Sephora today with one of my best buddies and well...I think I'm in love! NARS has always been known for their blushes and after swatching them today, I really can't seem to resist them! Luckily, I still had the sanity to walk away before I could purchase the blushes, infamously called "orgasm" and "deep throat". So I guess, needless to say, those two blushes are at the top of my current beauty wish list. Here are some pictures. My friend has them both and I must say they do look quite gorgeous on her! I guess these products aren't all hype like some other ones! Have you tried these blushes? What do you think? Worth the $28.00? I sure hope so because I don't know if I have the strength to resist them for much longer...

Deep throat is on the left and swatches as a light, cool toned baby pink with slight shimmer. Orgasm is on the right and swatches as a shimmery coral pink.

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