Friday, January 9, 2009

Olay Nutrients Night Renewal Cream

Product Name: 0lay Anti-wrinkle Nutrients (Night Renewal) Cream

Price (Range): $12-$15

Purchase Locations: Drug stores, grocery stores, Wal-mart, and Target

Cons: See review

Pros: Fast absorbing, matte-effect, cheap, moisturizing, non-comedogenic  

Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 8.5

Review: This cream was found on a whim while at the drugstore. Out of all the brands to choose from, this Olay product seemed to stand out the most because of its simple and to-the-point description as well as packaging. It’s pretty much a no non-sense cream that absorbs on the spot and is easy to spread on the face. It leaves the face matte instead of greasy and shiny, making it almost undetectable that you have it on. It smells good but isn’t overpowering and has tons of nutrients. I found that after a few uses of this cream at night, my skin is softer and less flaky (tends to happen a lot, especially during winter because of the cold). The texture isn’t heavy but isn’t liquid-like either. It has a soft soufflĂ©-like feel. I recommend this product to everyone, especially those with dry skin. It’ll give you an immediate moisturizing effect without the worries of increased acne or clogged pores. Use it over a long period and you’ll help your skin be less prone to wrinkles. The only con I found with this product, however, is that you need to be quick with its application. Don’t do half your face and wait a few minutes before doing the other half. This is because the area in the middle, where you’ll try to blend the cream, will result in accumulated cream splotches. What I mean by this is if you try to add more cream to areas that have already dried, the cream will rub off and create a nasty look. Sooo…how to solve this issue? Put a nickel size amount on your fingers, dot the ends of an invisible cross on your face, blend real quick and then leave it alone. 

*This is a NIGHT cream.

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