Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kat Von D Eye Brush Set

Product Name: Kat Von D – kat eye brush set

Price (Range): $48 + tax

Purchase Locations: Sephora

Cons: Kinda pricey, real life product not as it appears in pictures/description

Pros: Unique brush handles, unique brush heads

Rating (1=worse, 10=best): 6.5

Review: For those in dire need of an eye-brush set and aren’t pros, the Kat Von D brush set is probably one of the better choices. It comes with 5 brushes (smudge, eye shadow, blending, eyeliner, and brow) and is technically a lot cheaper than going out and buying individual department/name-brand brushes, however I must say that it didn’t quite live up to its expectations when I saw it in real life. I guess I would have expected it to be more heavy duty and a better quality because of Sephora’s description of the product-engraved brush handles and such. Quite contrary to what I thought, the brushes are quite light. I also found that while the brushes do not shed, the bristles do spray a little (as in they don’t completely keep to the original form) but I think that is normal in the beginning. Also, the brush heads aren’t exactly vibrantly colored as displayed in the pictures so that is a little saddening. Overall though, the brush bristles seem to be pretty good quality and long lasting. For higher-grade brushes, this set isn’t as expensive compared to other brands like MAC. There is a set at Sephora, called the smokey-eye Sephora brush kit that is $42 and similar to the Kat Von D set but it isn’t the same brushes so it’s up to you which brushes you need more. I’d recommend Googling a few eye makeup tutorials to see which brushes are used most often to create basic looks. I personally bought this set and like it but I’m going to Target to buy one or two more eye shadow brushes from the Eco-tools line because it’s cheaper and I’ll have extras to change in if one is dirty. If you want more info about the Eco-tools brush line, stay tuned and I’ll post a review about them.

*Remember, whatever brand brush or brush sets you buy, its important to take care of the brushes by buying cosmetic brush cleaners. Brush cleaners don’t cost a lot and help to maintain your brush bristles, making them last longer. If you can’t afford or don’t want to buy brush cleaners, the least you can do is use some hand-soap and wash your brushes.

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