Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DIY Winter to Summer Lipstick

Typically for summer, the look is always light and refreshing. So what happens when you've got a ton of darker, winter lipsticks that you love but can't wear because of the season? EASY, you layer them with other lipsticks to create a lighter look! So if you're the type of person who owns the reds, browns, and plums, don't fret ladies! I have got the perfect DIY tutorial to turn your winter lipsticks into a wearable summer lip color! Below are the steps Idid to create my summer perfect lip color with darker lipsticks. You don't have to get the exact same colors because this tutorial is meant to show you the steps and techniques of layering lip colors. It's not meant to be something you want to copy exactly because I want you to use your own dark, winter lipsticks and turn them into something wearable for yourself without going out to spend more money on products!

Step 1: Pick the darkest color, usually plums and browns or even dark red, and apply to lips. In my case, I chose Benefit's Ms Behavin lipcolor. It's the left swatch in the picture.

Step 2: Apply a red or pink tone on top of the first color. In my case, I chose Lancome's Red and Sensual Lava lipstick. It's the middle swatch in the picture.

Step 3: Apply a light pink, cream, or orange color as the final layer. In my case, I chose Estee Lauder's Pinkberry. It's the right most swatch in the picture.

So what do these three lipsticks come together to look like? See the picture below! Good luck with your attempt; remember it may take a few trys before the perfect trio of lip colors will come together to create a summer lip color for you!

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  1. Now this is absolutely great. I'm a little sad that I don't wear anything more than lip glosses because I can't do something as fun as this.