Thursday, June 25, 2009

BE Hydrating Mineral Veil

I LOVE, LOVE highlighters so when I came across a sample of Bare Escentuals/Minerals Hydrating Mineral Veil, I was stoked! I have always chosen highlighters over bronzers because I'm on the fair side and I feel like paler girls have better luck using highlighters. It's pretty much goof-proof because it brightens and illuminates your face versus bronzers, which can easily be overdone or applied wrong. So how did BE's Hydrating Mineral Veil fair? Check out the product review below for more information!

Product Name: bareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil
Price:$19.00 USD for Veil only; $29.00 USD for Veil and Brush (Sephora exclusive)
Purchase Locations: Sephora stores and Bare Escentual stores
Cons: brush that comes in the kit isn't that great; doesn't really hydrate skin as promoted
Pros: natural looking shimmer; easy to apply, cancels minor imperfections like redness
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 8.5
Review: Okay, so this product has like zero hydrating properties and that's pretty pathetic for a product that is promoted and named as "hydrating mineral veil" but I do have to admit that I love it, regardless. Why love something that doesn't deliver? Because even though this product doesn't hydrate, I love the way the subtle shimmer brightens my face and helps mask some minor imperfections and flaws. It's pretty much the perfect face highlighter. I've been wearing this product everyday now because I absolutely love it! It just adds this "natural" glow that's not over the top, plus it's pretty colorless and so usable on a variety of skin colors. However, when buying this product I HIGHLY recommend not buying the kit, it comes with a brush, because a) it costs an additional $10.00 USD and b) the brush isn't worth the $10.00. I mean I thought the brush was going to be fabulous but really, unless you don't have a face brush at all, don't bother with the kit. Supposedly, the brush has some anti-bacterial properties but no information beyond that is given about the brush. So basically, you have no idea whether the anti-bacterial treatment will freaking wash away or not. But anyway, I really do love this product and highly recommend it to those looking for a fabulous face highlighter.

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