Monday, June 29, 2009

Smashbox Lid and Lip Primer

So the other day when I was looking up how makeup artist Van Phue created the different looks for the Twilight cast on the original movie, I ran across some information about the products she used on set. Turns out that she prepped Kristen Stewart, better known as Bella Swan in the movie, with Smashbox's Lid and Lip Primer. So after reading the post, what did I do? Well heck, I went out and bought the darn product of course! So is this lid and lip primer all that it's made out to be or did I spend frivolously? Check out the product review below!

Product Name: Smashbox Lid and Lip Primer
Price: $24.00 USD
Purchase Locations: Sephora and Ulta stores
Cons: lid primer is too light colored; lip primer causes flakes on lips to be enhanced; not suitable for everyone due to product color; lip primer is too thick
Pros: helps eyeshadow stay well; convenient 2 in 1 container; easy for travel; mess-proof
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 4
Revew: I really wanted to love this product with all my heart but I'm sorry to say that it's really not that great at all. I think for $24.00 this product is really a rip off! I expected the lid primer to be less pigmented in color but it was really white and light. This isn't good because unless you apply enough eyeshadow or something on your eyelids to counter the primer, the eye primer really shows on your lids. Now I'm a pretty fair girl, but even so this primer stands out so much after it's applied. I definitely don't like that at all! Then there's the lip primer, which really didn't work for me. I think it's because before I applied the lip primer, I used chapstick. This probably countered the primer's ability to retain the lipstick but when I tried to use the primer without chapstick, I got a mouthful of flakes. No, literally my mouth looked disgusting because the dryness was amplified 10 times with the primer. Thus, unless you have really hydrated and exfoliated lips, the lip primer isn't a good choice. So in all, I definitely don't like this product and don't recommend purchasing it.

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