Thursday, July 30, 2009

Choosing Eyeshadow Colors, Simplified

So a lot of people have trouble choosing eyeshadow colors because some eyeshadows either look too vibrant and unwearable or they'll look great in the pan and not on your face. Well, to simplify things for those who have no clue or just want some help choosing eyeshadow colors that are almost always gauranteed to look great, then read the post below!

Brown eyes: For my brown-eyed gals like myself, I recommend choosing purples and greens. I know, I know, some of you guys are like "Seriously? those are such...bold colors?!". But no, there are variations of purples and greens. I'm not telling you to go out and buy the craziest, glittered purple or the darkest, forest green color you can find. You decide how daring you want to be by choosing different hues of purple and green. For lighter skinned girls with brown eyes, lavender and teal are really nice. The rule is as follows: the darker your skin, the more daring hue of purple or green you can typically wear because it won't look as harsh.

Recommendations: For lighter girls, try the lavender shade in Almay's intense i-color trio for enhancing brown eyes; for medium and dark skinned girls, try the bottom and middle shade, respectively, from Almay's intense i-color to play up the brown; to try green eyeshadows, all gals can easily pick up NYX eyeshadow trio in TS 08 that will contain the following colors (spring leaf, lime green, and green tea)

Blue Eyes: For my ladies with the ocean baby blues, for the day time, try to enhance your eye color by picking peach and light brown shades. These colors will compliment your blue eyes but not overwhelm them or wash the color out. For night time, try to play with cobalt grays or smokey blues to intensify your eyes.

Recommendations: For your peach and brown selections, check out NYX's eyeshadow trio in TS 15, which will contain the following colors (aloha, mink brown, and deep bronze) or you can try Almay's intense i-color trio for enhancing blue eyes. You can pick up Neutrogena's Nourishing Eye Quad for blue eyes to try an evening look.

Green Eyes: For my ladies with the pretty green eyes, your perfect eyeshadow colors are typically copper and gold. These colors will work well in highlighting your green eyes but they are subtle enough to be worn in the day as well as night so it's a perk! For evening, you can choose darker purples to bring out the green. The dark purple sets up a contrast background for your green eyes to shine!

Recommendations: Try to stick with more yellow based eyeshadows when choosing your golds and coppers as some of them can be more orange based or red based, depending on the brand. I really like Lancome's Bikini Golden eyeshadow. It's a richly pigmented bright gold. I also like Lancome's Garnet Sensation, which is a medium purple with flecks of gold built in. The latter is better for night time. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, try Almay's Intensify i-color Trio for Green eyes.

I hope this article helps some of you because I know how hard it is to choose eyeshadow colors. Everything looks great on models and your friends, but then you go and try to buy those same colors and it just looks ridiculous, right? Well, hopefully my guide made it easier for you all. I must say however, I don't believe that people can't wear a lot of colors. This was a guide that I made, but I myself break out of my "recommended" colors all the time. Given, not every color works on me, for example silver, white, and anything really frosty, tends to look ashy and wash me out, but I do do just about every other color. I've done blues, browns, pinks, reds, purples, greens, etc. The goal of this post is to guide you but please don't think that these are your only eyeshadow color options. Experiment. You'll never know until you try and just don't be discouraged when some colors don't work. There are 100s more that will!

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