Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MAC Blot Powder

Okay, so for you ladies who tend to be on the greasy side when it comes to your face, I think you should invest in the product I'm about to review because it works miracles in creating a natural, matte look that doesn't equate to a powdery effect that often comes with powders.

Product Name: MAC Blot Powder Pressed
Price: $21.00 USD

Purcase Locations: any MAC stores or stands

Cons: you have to reapply (but it's like that for most anti-shine powders anyway)

Pros: nice packaging, comes with applicator, lasts forever, looks natural and invisible to the naked eye, doesn't have a powder effect

Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 8

Review: I don't know about you guys, but I hate looking like a grease ball in pictures during the summer. I have oily skin and I often don't mind it because I try to stay positive and think of it as a "natural" glow but sometimes it gets to be a bit too much. So how do I counter the grease? I use MAC's Blot Powder Pressed in Medium Dark. This powder is so awesome! When the lady at the MAC counter put some on me, I didn't really see it at all! It's like a matte veil but...not noticable. I really like because other powders often build up and create this nasty powder-face look but this product doesn't do that at all. The color looks intense in the picture and real life but it buffs on pretty much nude. Also, you don't need a lot of this product at all. Just a swipe here and there and you're good for a few hours. I really like the packaging because it comes with a mirror so it has multiple uses. Also, if you're worried about breaking out, don't worry. If you wash the applicator pad that comes with the product frequently or use a sanitary brush then you should have no problems. Also, you can use this alone or over foundation. It's just a great product overall but I realize that some won't want to splurge for this product since it may seem pricey compared to other alternatives. However, I reinterate again that the product will last forever because you do not need that much product every use.

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