Sunday, November 29, 2009

FTC Guidelines

According to recent rules set by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) all products that are sent to beauty bloggers for review must be stated as such. In other words, if I receive something free by a company and choose to review it or recommend it, I have to tell my readers that I didn't buy it and received it free. So incase you're concerned, I will include a note at the bottom of a product review concerning the origin of the product/how I obtained it. The message will look like this:

*This product was sent to me FREE for review. I did not purchase it myself. / I obtained this product on my own and it was NOT sent to me for free.
*However, I stand by my review whole-heartedly and have used as well as tested the product first-hand.
*I have no affiliations with this company. / I do have affiliations with this company.
*I am not being paid or earning any commission. / I am being paid or am earning commission.

**According to FTC guidelines, products that are given or donated for review by a company or brand must be stated as such. Products that were purchased by the beauty blogger/reviewer will be stated as such.

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