Sunday, November 1, 2009

Overdoing your Skin Care Products?

I love, LOVE, skin care products that work. For example, I tend to overdose on acne-fighting skin creams, toners, etc that I feel make my skin look better. In other words, I tend to put on 3 layers of whatever product(s). But recently I've been breaking out big time and I have been searching for the answer to this problem. During the summer, my skin was practically blemish free and now I'm seeing more little pimples than ever. So here I sat suffering trying to search for a "cure" and then I found a potential answer. (Click the "read more" link to read the rest of this post!)

So you know how I just mentioned I tend to overdose on products? Well...that is probably my reason for breaking out. There are many products on the market today that help acne, aging, etc. but they tend to work better if you follow the recommended usage information. Just because one product works efficiently in small doses or is for every-other-day use doesn't mean it will work even better in large amounts and used twice a day. I must admit I have fallen victim to this thought. Don't worry, many of us do. Isn't it natural to hope that something works even better if more of it's used? Of course, but do realize that some things work just fine in small amounts and once a day. I think I've really learned my lesson on this and am starting to ease off on the mass usage of products.

Before I sign off on this point, I'd like to give you all one prime example of less-is-more. Remember several posts ago I wrote about retinol containing products? It was about how retinol helps clear acne. Well, did you know that using extremely high amounts of retinol or large amounts of retinol can increase acne? Why? Don't freak out. Let me say before I explain why that retinol is very useful for acne and that I still use retinol. Back to explaining why: Retinol makes the skin shed faster, but using too much retinol will cause the skin to over-shed and thus may potentially led to small pimples because the skin is trying to shed so fast that some skincells are getting trapped before they can even slough off. So the lesson here isn't that you shouldn't or can't use retinol but rather that you don't use too much or apply it too frequently. In my case, I'm going to continue with retinol as I've had good results, I'm just not going to use it night and day, only at night and every other day now. If I see improvements in my skin and the reduction of less pimples, I'll update you all!

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