Monday, November 16, 2009

Vichy Normaderm 24 Hr Acne Kit

Is Vichy's Normaderm 24 Hr Acne Kit something worth buying? Will it solve your acne issues? Click the "read more" link for my review of this acne kit.

Product Name: Vichy Normaderm 24 Hr Acne Control Routine Kit
Price (USD): $36.00 without shipping
Purchase Locations:
Cons: day moisturizer doesn't moisturize; very low salicylic acid percentage in product, can only order online
Pros: good size/value, travel-friendly
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 2
Final Say/Summary: Before purchasing this product, I did much research on the Vichy brand and its products. Some people swore by Vichy and others hated it. I decided to give it a try and must say that I am unfortunately not impressed with the Vichy acne kit. I don't know if other Vichy products are great, but this one was definitely not. My first complaint is that the day moisturizer didn't really moisturize my skin. It was just this cream that dried instantly on my face. In fact, it dried so quick that I barely had time to work it into my skin without leaving streaks of products on my face. Also, this product is a horrible base. I tried to apply a moisturizer on top as well as makeup and it made all the products clump on my face. I don't think you can use this "moisturizer" with anything on top of it because it is incompatible with everything! Not even cream blush, concealer, etc. will go on smoothly with this as a base. My second gripe with this product is the lack of salicylic acid in its night time moisturizer. If it's really meant to be a 24 hour acne control kit, it really should have salicylic acid in it. The day time moisturizer only has 0.5% salicylic acid as it is, not having any in the night time cream kind of makes it a 12 hour kit instead of 24. The night time moisturizer itself didn't really make my skin look or feel great. It wasn't horrible but it didn't do anything for my skin either. Overall, besides the nice packaging (it comes in a cute plastic bubble purse) and the value (you get 4 products for $36 dollars), this kit was a total bust. I'm not sure if it works for other people but it definitely didn't do anything for me. I'm returning it soon, so save your money and time and don't purchase this kit.

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