Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Beauty Steal of the Week

Sephora is currently holding a sale on CARGO's Mediterranean Nights Palette shown above. It usually retails for $35 but you can now get it for $29. I actually bought this palette before it went on sale and LOVE it! The four eyeshadows have a wonderful satin finish and a bunch of fine glitter in them. The colors are also very unique, as the name of the palette suggests. With an eyeshadow primer, I found that the green and gold colors apply wonderfully. In fact, when I wear the gold color over an eyeshadow primer, I feel like I have gilded eyelids. The color is like 24kt gold! SERIOUSLY! The blushes in the palette are really nice too. There are two of them. One blush is a dark coral pink and the other is a softer, pale pink. Both of the blushes are surrounded by a rings of gold shimmer. The blushes are big enough to where you can use them without the gold rings or you can swirl it together with the gold rings. Both blushes swatch really nicely and, if used sparingly, gives the perfect amount of color to the cheeks. I say sparingly because all items in the palette are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way.

Here's the link to the product.


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