Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Aveeno Foaming Cleanser

Product Name: Aveeno Ultra-Calming, Fragrance Free Foaming Cleanser
Price (USD): $6-8 depending on location
Purchase Locations: drugstores (CVS, Walgreens)
Cons: does not completely clean off heavy makeup
Pros: very gentle on skin and does not have irritating ingredients, doesn't cause tight/dry feeling on skin afterwards
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 8
Final Say/Summary: I bought this face wash when I was having an allergic reaction to some foods/cat hairs that caused me to have a rash on my face. It really helped me clean my skin when it was too sensitive for harsher cleansers. I love this cleanser and have continued to use it, even post allergic reaction because it doesn't dry my skin or leave it feeling tight. Most people think that foaming cleansers are rougher on the skin because the foam is suppose to clean deeper, and therefore strip the skin of it's natural oils. Aveeno's cleanser isn't at all rough on the skin, despite its foam texture. In fact, this cleanser is great for sensitive skin because it is fragrance-free, and when you have sensitive skin or an allergic reaction, the last thing you need is something possibly irritating. Although I love this cleanser and gave it a high rating, I must note that if you wear heavy makeup like foundation or dark eyeshadow colors, this cleanser will not completely clean your face. Thus, you should follow up with a toner to make sure that all dirt is removed when you use this cleanser to clean off heavy-makeup.

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