Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adult Acne or Rosacea?

Today I went to the dermatologist to get rid of my acne once and for all, or at least I thought. So I went in thinking I had adult acne and found out that was only half of my problem. The other half was due to rosacea. Finding out that I didn't have just acne was a little surprising because I just assumed my little white bumps were acne. What else could they be, right? Well, unfortunately, the bumps are caused by rosacea. What is rosacea? I'm not really sure to be honest, even though I read about it for an hour. It seems to basically be a skin condition typically found in fair people that results in a variety of physical facial symptoms including constant redness, acne-like bumps, bulbous nose, thick skin, etc that can't be cured but can be treated.

Since finding out about my skin problem, I have done some research. Apparently, rosacea affects over 14 million people, many of which don't know it because they assume it's simply acne. This is a real important fact that is completely surprising. It goes to show that if you have access to health insurance and a dermatologist, you should definitely see one. I don't know why I didn't see one earlier. It's really important that you get a treatment tailored to your issue or, more importantly, find out what your issue really is. So I wrote this post to encourage you all to see a dermatologist for your skin conditions so that a) you get a correct diagnosis b) you find out what you really have c) you effectively treat your skin issues.

In short, lesson of the day: Don't just assume it's acne! Get checked by a dermatologist!

Helpful websites you may want to check out:
-HealthGrades: gives you reports and ratings on doctors if you know their name
-Rosacea: all about rosacea with pictures too!

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