Saturday, March 13, 2010

Organizing Your Lipsticks

I seem to always have issues with my lipsticks because I'll find myself in a rush trying to find that ONE color but can't because I have 5 others in the exact same packaging and from the same brand. This means I waste time opening and closing the lipsticks (carefully though!) or looking at the bottom of the tubes to find the lipstick I need. If all lipstick were made in clear tubes, this problem would be eliminated. Unfortunately, most brands don't produce clear lipstick tubes. Well, a few months ago I came up with an idea and I think that it will help to eliminate the issue previously mentioned. Try it out, I'm completely confident you'll love it!

1. Cut out small squares or rectangles, approximately 1/2" width and 1" in length from a index card. You'll need one square/rectangle for each lipstick you have.
2. Apply a small swatch of lipstick on each square/rectangle.
3. Using some clear Scotch tape, tape the square/rectangle on the bottom half of the lipstick tube (in other words, not on the cap).

TA-DA! Your lipstick tubes should now look like the picture below. Yay! You can glance at the lipstick tubes and know precisely what colors are inside without digging around and wasting time.

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