Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fusion Beauty SculptDiva Blush

Ampli-what? Fusion Beauty's latest release of beauty products includes a line of cream blushes toted as having amplifat. What's amplifat? I have no idea but because the word has "fat" in it, I'm guessing it's something like a lip plumper except for the cheeks. And indeed, that's what Sephora says amplifat is, "plumps the skin for visibly firmer, more supple looking cheeks." I don't know if this amplifat really plumps up my cheeks because a) I'm young so my cheeks are naturally plump and b) I won't be using this product every day for 28 days like it says to to benefit from the amplifat. However, what I can tell you is what I think of this product as a normal cream blusher. I'm not really sure if others are buying the amplifat claim either, so it's best to look at this product as just another blush and thus, it shall be reviewed as such!

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Product Name: Fusion SculptDiva Contouring & Sculpting Blush with Amplifat
Price (USD): $29.00
Purchase Locations: and Sephora stores
Cons: rather pricey, opening of container too small
Pros: long lasting, very natural looking, easy to apply
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 8
Final Say/Summary: I haven't really been into blushes lately, although they are my absolute favorite makeup item aside from eyeshadows, because of a rosacea breakout I had earlier in the year. The rosacea left my skin with a ton of red, acne-like marks even though the rosacea went away after I took some medicine for it. In other words, applying blush on these areas are a pain.
There's something magical about this Fusion blush though, because when I applied it with MAC's 187 brush, the concealer stayed and I ended up with a beautiful glow instead of an ugly mess. I don't know if this is because of the product's cream-to-powder formula but I have to say that it's amazing to find something that layers on my skin without messing up my concealer. The formula itself is very creamy and has subtle shimmer which looks very natural. The blush initially goes on sheer but can be layered for a more intense effect. The final look reminds me of NARS blushes, mainly Torrid and a little bit of Orgasm because of the yellow-sheen. The only downfalls of this product that I can see preventing people from purchasing this product are its price, a staggering $29 dollars compared to something cheaper like MAC's cream blushes for $18.50, and the design of the container. The container itself is quite nice and not at all cheap looking, refer to images below for more details, but the opening of the container is so small it's hard to properly fit blush brushes into the product space. In other words, you end up with a very messy container because your brush dabbing with cause the product to go everywhere. If you use your fingers, then there is no problem.
 I would buy this product again even with the price tag because it's a very nice blush, but it currently only comes in four colors so there aren't many choices to choose from.

(Fusion blush compared to MAC Mineralize for sizing)

(top: heavily swatched, bottom: blended out)

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