Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cream Blushes for Uneven/Acne Proned Skin

Struggling with acne bumps, scars, and uneven skin from time to time myself, I have always found cream blushes incompatible with my skin. As soon as I apply it, no matter what method, my concealer or foundation comes off and I'm staring at my acne scars again. In the very few times in my life that I have no acne scars, I still can't seem to use cream blushes because they highlight my pores and make them seem larger than they already are. I'd pretty much given up on cream blushes until I came across a makeup breakdown a few days ago. Then it completely dawned on me how to use cream blushes for those of us with acne prone or uneven skin!

The solution?
Let's think about this for a second... If applying cream blush OVER concealer and foundation causes makeup you've applied then why not apply UNDER concealer and foundation? Yes, apply under. So after you've moisturized and primed, apply the cream blush on your skin before your foundation and concealer. Apply the blush more intense than you normally would because you need it to show up after you apply your foundation. This will not only enable you to use cream blush but it will give you that "lit from within" glow that people talk about so much!

Some things to note:
You'll want to do a few practice runs so you can gauge the amount of blush to apply underneath in order for the blush to show up.

If you're using mineral foundation, make sure to powder your cream blush with translucent powder before applying the mineral foundation.

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