Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catherine, Awesome Natural Makeup, Middleton

So after only a few weeks after the Royal Wedding, it seems as if Kate Middleton news has died down significantly. Rightly so, in my opinion, after all the Duchess needs her privacy. But I still can't get over her bridal makeup. In fact, I think she does such a great job on natural makeup that even her daily makeup should be praised. So here are a few inspiration pictures I've gathered from the web.

Things to Note:

  • Kate likes to emphasize her eyes by lining both the top and bottom lash lines. Rumor has it that she does so with cream liner.
  • She does not appear to line her waterline so if you're trying to recreate her look, don't. Lining the waterline will add a smolder effect, but I think Kate wants to keep it clean and simple and thus lines her top and bottom lash lines only.
  • She applies a good amount of blush but blends well.
  • She doesn't seem to use a very bright lip color in most of her everyday looks. She does use a brighter pink at the wedding though.
  • She tends to stick to neutral glosses.
  • She plays up her good skin so make sure you even out your skin tone.
  • Her brows are thick so don't over pluck. 
  • She likes to look glow-y so don't mattify your skin or use too much setting powder.

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