Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Oh boy, the naked craze begins again with Urban Decay's launch of the Naked 2 palette. I've seen a million reviews and I'm sorry to say that I just don't feel the same as other reviewers. When I ordered the palette, I was beyond excited as I do not own the first so naked 2 would have been my first, coveted  Urban Decay palette. Besides, every beauty blogger was raving over the palette, how could I not have been excited to lay my hands on it? Well, I've got news for you guys. After playing with the palette, I'm sorry to say I'm less than pleased. Click the "Read More" link to know why!

Name: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Price (USD): $50.00
Purchase Locations: currently only on www.urbandecay.com
Cons: extremely pricey, tons of fallout, mirror of palette too heavy to stand up
Pros: soft eyeshadows, comes with good brush, easy to clean packaging
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 5
Final Say: I know everyone loves the original naked and I can't say much about that palette, but I'm almost positive that some of the good reviews for the Naked 2 is somewhat due to hype more than quality. First off, everyone says it's such a great buy because you get 12 full eyeshadows, a brush with two heads, and a lipgloss for $50.00. However, let me remind you that most palettes range around $35.00 dollars so technically if you consider this a part of the palette range, you're looking at a really expensive palette. Yes, I understand you get a brush and a small lipgloss but if you're buying the palette for the eyeshadows, does the stuff thrown in really count? I mean, Urban Decay isn't advertising the lipgloss or brush as the star of the set, it's the actual eyeshadows. Secondly, the while the eyeshadows colors are nice and creamy, the amount of fallout from the shadows is almost enough to negate any good. I own a ton of eyeshadows from different brands and I can tell you that this is the most fallout I've ever experienced. So dissapointing! I tried using this palette 3 times this week and everytime, I've had "eyeshadow undereyes"... as in I look like I sprinkled eyeshadow on my undereye/cheek area (no, it wasn't pretty). Thirdly, for all that the bigger mirror addition is worth (since the original had a smaller mirror)... UH, it doesn't stay up. You can't prop it up like in the picture above so total fail. I'm not going to hold the palette up in one hand and then apply eyeshadow with the other. Lastly, s far as the colors go, there's too many dark eyeshadow colors. It should be titled "smokey palette" instead of naked. You can see swatches online if you just do a google search. I'm not particularly fond of the matte shades either because they are so easily duped. Not original at all! So the point is... I'm not really satisfied with this palette at all. In fact, I'm thinking of returning it. I would suggest that you wait til it's available to swatch in stores before you buy it. You may love it or hate it, it'll depend but these are my opinions.

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  1. I know what you mean, UD eyeshadows always seem to have so much fallout, it's so annoying, especially for the price of them !! I just got the Naked Palette in October and haven't really used it as much as I expected to be honest. Nice post !!



  2. I know! I love that it's creamy and all yes but the fall out is something I never knew about. I don't think many people write about that aspect. :( I'll follow your blog! :)