Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Applying Concealer Correctly

I didn't realize so many people had issues with concealer until today. I think a large part this stems from the fact that people aren't told there are many kinds of concealers and how you use them depends on what type it is. So here to clarify some issues you may be experiencing, I'm going to explain the types of concealers, what they're best used for, and proper application techniques.

Two main purposes of concealers:
1. Combat under-eye problems

2. Hide facial discolorations

What to look for when purchasing:
1. To combat under-eye problems such as dark undertones, look for a concealer that's yellow based and 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation color that's slightly illuminating; for puffy under-eyes with no discolorations, try a matte concealer that is 1/2 a shade lighter than your foundation color and also use a slightly illuminating powder underneath your puffy circles and blend into top of cheekbones. This helps diffuse the puffiness and illuminate all areas of your eyes and face so the puffiness isn't as noticeable.

2. To combat facial discolorations, ALWAYS look for a concealer in your exact shade or you can make your own concealer from your foundation by obtaining a small sample jar, spooning a quarter size amount of your foundation in it, then put a cheese cloth over your the lid of the jar and stick it in the fridge. Within about 24 hours, you'll have an exact foundation match for your concealer. If you're looking to wear concealer without foundation, you need to go 1/2 a shade lighter than your normal skin color so that when you apply it over your discolorations, the lightness will combat the pigmentation.

When to apply:
1. For under-eye concealing, you can apply pre or post foundation routine. I typically recommend pre-foundation but post-moisturizing because it'll blend in better. Your foundation will help to blend the concealer into your skin.

2. To combat skin discolorations, I always recommend application post-foundation routine. It just makes sense; if you apply concealer pre-foundation you're just going to blend it away when you apply your foundation.

How to apply:
1. With under-eye concealer, if it's liquid, you can apply right after you moisturize your face/eye area with your fingers or a puffy blending blush. This will help melt the concealer into your skin. Apply it in a triangle shape from the inner corner of your eye down about an inch and then back up to the outer corner, like an upside down triangle. then blend out and apply foundation on top.

If your concealer is mineral based, you should apply it after moisturizing your face/eye area and set it with a loose powder. It will enable you to apply mineral makeup afterwards without issues. If you like to mix a liquid concealer with mineral foundation then you should mix a small amount of your liquid concealer with your eye cream, apply to your under-eye area, then let it dry and set with powder before applying your mineral makeup.

2. Applying concealer on facial discolorations can be tricky. Typically, you should apply with a pointed-tip brush directly on the discoloration and then use your fingers to feather our the edges. This will help it look more natural. Then set it with a loose powder.

If you want to wear blush on top of your foundation and concealer, you will need to practice how to gently layer on blush. Use a very big and dense brush and lightly swipe your cheeks to avoid moving the concealer. Some people use skunk-brushes but even this method has it's downfalls. If you find that you removed some of the concealer in the process of applying blush, simply re-add a very thin layer of concealer over the areas that were removed.

Suggested items:
-For mild acne discolorations, try MAC's Select Cover-up Concealer
-For moderate to severe skin discolorations, try Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage Concealer
-For under-eye redness, try Bobbi Brown's Concealer Pots
-For under-eye puffiness, try an illuminating powder on your cheekbones such as VS Pro Light FX HD Eye Brightening Pen

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