Monday, February 2, 2009

Dry Eyelids/Eyebrows Tutorial

So I have been looking at a few blogs but have yet to read anything that addresses dry eyelids. Yes, I know it sounds funny but people do indeed have dry eyelids/eye area issues. To combat this issue, especially because it's winter and the cold weather makes people more prone to have dry skin, I decided to post this tutorial/beauty tip. This tutorial is highly suggested to those who use acne treatment systems (like Proactiv) and anything that would cause dryness around the eyes like facial toners, exfoliators, acne peels, etc. Before I begin the tutorial, please let me cite the makeup guru who provided me with the information about glycerin+water: Christine from Her site is wonderful for product reviews and makeup tutorials. Check them out if you have the time.

You will need the following:
-100% liquid glycerin (sold in the first aid aisle of drug stores, walmart, and target)
*note* Liquid glycerin is not available at all these locations. In fact, it may be hard to obtain so I suggest you look at a few stores and if they don't have, it buy it online.
-any size eyeshadow brush
-empty travel size bottle, preferably one with a top that has a small hole (not spray bottles)
-permanent marker
-tap water or better yet, drinking water (small amount, about the size of half a normal cup)

Notes on the required materials: 
Liquid glycerin is cheap so you'll only need about one bottle to last you awhile. It is hard to find in a lot of stores so don't get frustrated if you can't find it-just go online to the same places and order it. Don't buy an expensive eyeshadow brush for the sole purpose of this tutorial, it's really not necessary. 

Instructions (best done at night):
You will first mark your empty bottle into four even sections with the permanent marker. You can eyeball it, but make sure the sections are somewhat evenly distributed. Take the bottle of liquid glycerin and pour some of it into your empty bottle until it fills 1/4 of the bottle. Fill the remainder of your plastic bottle with tap water or drinking water. Close the bottle and shake it for a minute. Afterwards, on a clean and makeup-free eye, drip one or two drops of the concoction onto your eyeshadow brush and swipe on your eyelids. Make sure you have your eyes close when you're doing this to avoid contact with your eyeball. Just pretty much don't stick it in your eye and you're good. Glycerin won't harm you so don't worry if you think you're gonna go blind and such. Glycerin is found in the majority of soap and lotions so it's a normal product. Just for those who are curious, liquid glycerin is used to treat dry skin (kind of like vaseline) Repeat this every night and you should have softer, more supple eyelids that aren't dry! BTW, you can also use this around your eyebrows too if you're acne care stuff is causing dryness in those areas too. I'm not too sure about slapping it on your face so don't try that to avoid potential clogged pores and such.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial. Forward to your friends if you like.


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