Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FAQ Session 1

*Update: I'll try to post a Valentines look sometime soon. I've already got another eyeshadow tutorial on the works (Purple Rocker Eyes) and that'll come after the Valentines look. Check back soon!*

This post is mainly for my girls Crystal and Sheena who asked two questions that I'll address in this post. 

Question: What's a good and cheap eye makeup remover?
Answer: I personally use Lancome's Bi-Facial Eye Makeup Remover. I use it only because I get it from free-gifts that come with purchases. I like it a lot but it can get out of hand because it contains oil and that gets to be a mess sometimes if you accidentally put too much on a cotton ball. The one I use is actually $26.00 retail price but is a 4.2 fl oz. bottle so it should last you a good while. I know that funds for college students are limited and you're probably looking for something cheaper so I did some research and found that a lot of people recommend Clinique's Rise off Eye Makeup Solvent. This one is apparently one you put on and then wash off but people have said that if you use it in the eye area, it doesn't smudge the rest of your makeup. Sooo...in other words, you can use that to wash off your eye makeup and not mess the rest of your face up, if it matters. The price for this one is $16.50 for a 4.2 fl oz. I have also tried this specific eye makeup remover and don't personally like it because it requires water and a sink. Kind of a hassle if you're needing to just change your eye makeup. So in short, I know it sounds pricey but I'd go with Lancome's product. Also, FYI, the Lancome at the Macy's counter here in town is offering a gift with purchase that starts February 3rd, 2009. You have to purchase a total of $29 dollars, I think, but you get a purse filled with a ton of goodies like facial cleanser, face cream, lipstick, eyeshadows, and mascara. 

Question: What do I use if I have oily eyelids and the eyeshadows migrate to my creases? 
You will need to use an eyeshadow primer. The most famous ones are from a brand called Urban Decay and it's sold at Sephora. It comes in two versions: the regular "Eyeshadow Primer Potion" and "Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion." These two are basically the same. Both are meant to be applied on your eyelids before you apply eyeshadows to prevent it from any smudging, budging, and migration. The only difference between the two mentioned is that the "Sin" one has a champagne/natural shade in it (which can either be covered up with other eyeshadows or used alone as a wash of color on the eyes) while the regular one is clear. They are $16-$17 dollars but should last you awhile. I know that another line called "Too Faced" also has eyeshadow primer called "Eyeshadow Insurance." I don't know the details for this one unfortunately. I just know it costs about the same. Also, if you're low on cash, you can buy glycerin at one of the walmarts here in town, just message me on facebook so I can tell you which one, and follow the same directions as in the dry eyelids tutorial to create the mix of glycerin and water. That's what I personally use as an eyeshadow primer. So once you have the stuff made, you slightly (and I do mean SLIGHTLY) dampen the eyeshadow brush and dip it into your eyeshadow, then apply to your eyelids. If you got the brush too wet, it might take you a few more swipes of your eyeshadow on the brush for the color to really show up. My eyeshadows last all day and don't really crease when I use this.

Hope all this helps! Anymore questions anyone?


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