Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Simple Facial Wipes

Product Name: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Price (Range): dependent on country (available in UK and US)

Cons: product is dry; doesn't completely clean face 100% of products

Pros: convenient, no dyes or perfumes, oil and alcohol free, great for sensitive skin

Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 7

Review: I was introduced to this product by Christine from Temptalia. I won a contest she had on her website ( for the Simple Facial Wipes. I was really intrigued by the advertisement for this product (that it was skin-friendly because of it's lack of certain harming ingredients but strong enough to remove all makeup, even waterproof mascara) so I was obviously looking forward to trying it out. When I first used it, I noticed that the facial wipes were a lot less saturated with the cleansing product than other facial wipes, Olay for example. It did a pretty good job of cleaning my face but I feel that for heavy make-up users, this cleansing wipe wouldn't cut it. Like I said, it's not saturated with enough cleansing agent so it will probably not pick up all the grime and dirt. However, I give a lot of credit to this wipe because of its lack of oil and alcohol? This is surprising because most facial wipes contain alcohol and oil because they are main ingredients for good make-up removers (notice the oil content in most eye make-up removers). Overall, I'm pretty happy with this product but I don't necessarily feel that it is 100% suitable for heavy-duty face cleansing and make-up removal. However, if you have sensitive skin or are really acne-prone, this product is probably th ebest facial wipe you can buy on the market right now.

*This product was won in a giveaway contest. I did not purchase it. However, I stand by my review whole-heartedly and have not earned any commission on this product.

**According to FTC guidelines, products that were given for review must be stated as such. Products that were purchased by the beauty blogger/reviewer are excluded.*

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