Saturday, December 26, 2009

Worst Products of 2009

Preparing for 2010 is exciting, but make sure to keep the following cosmetic/hair items OUT of your upcoming year!

1. Sally Hansen's No Heat Gel Hair Remover: Bottom line? They don't work; they don't even remove one strand of hair! They just make your face red.

2. Clarisonic MIA or Regular: Sounds like a great idea. I bought it...then returned it. The brush construction needs to be reworked because quite frankly, this product didn't do anything for my skin and I used it for 1.5+ months! Also, if something like the Clarisonic, which costs a staggering $150 and up, is supposed to clear out your pores and clean your face then please tell me why the brush never dries...which means bacteria is probably building on the brush bristles. Okay, so are you guys following me? Bacteria+face=breakout=no thanks, skip this product

3. Benefit's One Hot Minute: It's supposed to basically give you an all over glow...well, it didn't do much if anything at all. I think you'd have to cake your face with this powder before you saw any shimmer and hell, who wants to do that? Plus, it's $30 and there are a lot more products on the market that can give you shimmer without the costly price.

4. CHI 44 Iron Guard: This spray was meant to protect your hair before flat ironing but all it did to my hair was give it a nasty cologne smell and make it stiff like I had used hairspray. NO THANKS! I want beautiful, soft hair...not a mess!

5. Philosophy's On a Clear Day Retinol Cream: Way too potent and can stimulate acne rather than prevent it. I like good products, but this is overdose in a tube! Try a product with a lighter percentage of retinol.

6. Too Faced Bronzing Powders: Way too shimmery and will make you look like a total disco queen instead of giving you a beautiful glow. Try a matte bronzer or something with less glitter for subtleness.

7. Revlon's Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow Quad: Talk about NO pigmentation! This product gives like zero color unless you use 3-4 swipes and that's just stupid. Really, I don't feel like taking a year to do my makeup and with this product's lack of color, that's exactly what happens!

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FTC regulation information:
*All these products were bought by me.
*I stand by my review whole-heartedly and have used, as well as tested, the products first-hand.
*I have no affiliations with these companies/brands.
*I am not being paid or earning any commission.

**According to FTC guidelines, products that are given or donated for review by a company or brand must be stated as such. Products that were purchased by the beauty blogger/reviewer will be stated as such.

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