Thursday, January 7, 2010

Clarisonic MIA

Product Name: Clarisonic MIA
Price (USD): $149.99
Purchase Locations: Ulta or Sephora stores or online
Cons: brush head doesn't dry; charger doesn't have a holder for brush; actual brush material gets dirty easily and can not be cleaned 100%
Pros: nice massage for skin, more affordable than the normal size Clarisonic
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 5
Final Say/Summary: There is so much hype on the market for the Clarisonic that I thought to myself, I just HAVE to have this. So what did I do when I got my birthday money from my bf? Um...well I bought this brush thinking it was going to be a miracle product. WRONG! I ended up returning the brush after having it for 1.5 months because of the following reasons: it did nothing for my skin, the brush head never dries, and it got dirty and I couldn't clean it! First off, so many beauty reviewers have claimed that this brush did miracles for their blemishing skin like clearing it of acne. Well, I've used this brush and I can not say that it did anything for my skin that my own two hands couldn't do. This brush does help to clean your skin but if you were really patient and washed your face for 1 full minute and followed up with a toner, it's the same thing this brush would have done for you. Another gripe I have with the Clarisonic MIA is the brush head itself. To use this brush twice a day is impossible because it took over 24 hours for my brush head to dry. First off, I don't like the idea that my wet/damp brush head sits around all day because bacteria loves humid/moist areas so I'm sure bacteria must have been collecting on the brush head. Secondly, I don't like using a wet brush so I couldn't use this brush at night. How stupid is that? I don't know about you guys but deep cleansing my face with a potentially bacteria-full surface twice a day is just something I'm not about to do or pay $149.99 for. The last problem I have with this brush is the material it's made of. If you own a white MacBook laptop, then you know how seriously annoying the material is since stains can't really be removed. Well the Clarisonic MIA's material is similar to the MacBook laptop stuff. I bought a pink MIA but after only 1.5 months, it collected makeup grime on the handle. I tried to use oil-based makeup remover and scrub at the thing but it never came off! What the heck? I can't imagine what the brush handle would look like after a year. So, in short: JUST DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SAY NO TO THE CLARISONIC MIA. DON'T GET CAUGHT UP IN THE HYPE!

FTC regulation information:
*I purchased this product myself.
*I stand by my review whole-heartedly and have used, as well as tested, the product first-hand.

*I have no affiliations with this company.
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