Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chanel Tweed Fuchsia

Have you tried any Chanel blushes before? Maybe you should start with Chanel's limited edition "Tweed Fuchsia" from their holiday collection. Click the "Read More" link to find out why!

Name: Les Tissages De Chanel 17 Tweed Fuchsia
Price (USD): $45.00
Purchase Locations: Saks Fifth Avenue,, Macy's,, etc.
Cons: really pricey
Pros: absolutely everything about it a pro
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 10+
Final Say/Summary: I have never, ever in my life tried a Chanel blush before because the price is a bit staggering! I used to think it couldn't be all that great, even though my Chanel-lover friends told me otherwise, but now that I've finally given in and bought a Chanel blush...let me just tell you I've been missing out! My goodness, I could not rave more about Chanel blush now, in particular the limited edition blush in tweed fuchsia. The formula is seriously so finely milled, it is pigmented but very layer-able and can look natural if you use a teeny-tiny bit, and it is very flattering on everyone. Another perk is that it lasts all day! I hate it when you put blush on in the morning and it disappears by night time. This one will stay and stay until you wash your face. Truly, I think this blush is worth the money and more because I get asked so many times what I'm wearing when I have this on. Perhaps if it's too pricey for a normal purchase, I would recommend you putting it on your Christmas wish list! Come on, every girl deserves a blush from Chanel!

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