Sunday, November 14, 2010

3 Must Have Brushes in Your Kit

I have so many brushes that I can't even keep track of them anymore but I have to tell you all that I don't even use half of them but once or twice a month. So what's up with that? Well...let's just say there are some brushes you REALLY need in your makeup arsenal and then there are the "nice-to-haves." So today's post is about the ones you need and why.

1. Sephora's Sephora Collection Professionnel Platinum Air Brush #55: I've got to say this brush is amazing for applying liquid foundation. The brush size is not too large but not too small so you can still get to the corners and crooks but not feel like you're covering areas you already went over. The effect of this brush is just awesome. You don't get those streaky lines that you usually get from the traditional flat foundation brushes because you swirl with this brush. In addition, this brush beats stippling (skunk) brushes because skunk brushes usually aren't dense enough to blend well without some effort and time. This brush takes stippling and swirling to another level, kind of just does it for you. You don't even have to be good at applying makeup to use this me!

Link To Purchase this Brush

2. Estee Lauder Powder Brush 10: So I have a few dark spots on my face from freckles, post-rosacea scarring and all that "good" stuff and I usually cover those areas with concealer. Afterwards, I'll follow up with blush if I feel like it. This is where this brush comes in...usually, with other blush brushes, your concealer will just come right off when you try to put on the blush. How awful is that right, especially since you've taken a lot of time to conceal?! Well don't give up hope on wearing blush...simply use this brush by swirling it in your blush and then VERY gently swipe your face. You can always go back for more and build up the intensity but always remember to swipe very gently. It should feel like a tickle but trust me, this is the best application method. The brush is big enough for you to easily cover your cheek so you don't have to swipe multiple times and risk losing concealer. Also, the brush shape is just right because it's not too flat or too rounded so your application process is seamless.

Link to Purchase this Brush

3. Target's StudioTools Concealer Brush: This concealer brush is really cheap. I don't remember the exact price but I've got two because it's so amazing! I use this to spot conceal. You'd be amazed...some people can't even tell I have anything on! I like the brush largely because it has never let me down. It doesn't shed or fan out like crazy with typical cheap brushes. Also, the size is just right for my liking. It isn't too small where I'd spend hours concealing but it isn't so large that I conceal a giant circle on my face when the spot I'm covering is small.

(There is no link to this brush online. It is available at Target, under the Studio Tools line with the black plastic handles.)

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