Friday, January 21, 2011

Mineral Fad Over?

Do you guys remember when Bare Minerals (Escentuals) first came out?  I remember everyone was going crazy about mineral makeup because it was the IN thing, not to mention it was advertised as being good for your skin. So my question, a few years after the debut of BM, are you still on the mineral bandwagon or have you fallen off?

I personally was never a big mineral fan. Not that I didn't like it but finding my color and making it look non-powdery was always a problem for me. But recently, my skin has been too dry for my MUFE Velvet gel foundation so I decided to try mineral makeup again. I started off purchasing Revlon's Colorstay Mineral Foundation. It was quite nice as far as color match as I blended 020 and 030, but it didn't really last on my skin. By the 6th hour, I definitely saw fading, which makes me sad as I want to give it high marks. It is also very matte when you first put it on so you can not layer too much, otherwise you look like you're wearing a powder mask. After wearing Revlon's mineral foundation for about 3 weeks, I busted out my Laura Mercier mineral foundation from awhile ago. I used to not use it because it was darker than my skin color at the time but I now mix it with Revlon's 020, half and half, and get a perfect color as well as texture. The Laura Mercier formula definitely has more shine/glimmer to it than Revlon's matte formula but the LM one also lasts quite a bit longer than the Revlon one. I should mention though, neither prevent shine so if you tend to get oily, I would bring powder or blotting sheets on the side to touch up. I should also mention if you have acne scars or facial blemishes, the LM one is a lot more buildable and covers more than the Revlon. However, if you have nice skin already, I would go with the Revlon one as it will give you lighter, more natural coverage.

Overall, I think both mineral foundations are great...which makes me conclude that I'm back on the mineral bandwagon. Is one better than the other? It depends on what you're looking for. If you have good skin, need light coverage, and like a somewhat matte texture with a great price I'd definitely go for Revlon. If you need more coverage, don't mind paying more, and like somewhat of a sheen in your foundation, then Laura Mercier is the way to go.

Has your interest in mineral makeup waned recently? How about giving it another go? I'm glad I did!

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