Monday, October 31, 2011

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

If you're looking for a gentle facial cleanser for the winter months, Clinique's liquid facial soap has got you covered! It's almost like luxury simplified. Sounds too good to be true? Let me explain in the extended product review. Click the "Read More" link to continue. 

Name: Clinique Liquid Facial Soap in Extra Mild
Price (USD): $16.00 for 6.7 oz
Purchase Locations: any Clinique counter,, Amazon
Cons: large amount of product so not good for travel, dispenses a large amount of product if not careful
Pros: gentle but effective, large amount of product for price, has a dispenser attached
Rating (1=worst, 10=best): 10
Final Say: When I ran out of Cetaphil face cleanser, I gave Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap a go because it was already sitting in my closet. I don't even remember how long it was there, but it must have been awhile because there was some dust collecting on the bottle! After the first time I washed my face with this soap, I was utterly surprised at the great results. Dare I say... it is even better than dermatologist recommended Cetaphil face wash? Yes, you heard me right. Clinique's face soap is fragrance free, which I like because I feel like scents in cleansers add unnecessary chemicals.  Cetaphil's does have a scent; it's not bothersome or anything but those with sensitive noses will prefer Clinique's soap. The results from Clinique's soap are also slightly better than Cetaphil wash, because I feel that sometimes Cetaphil still leaves my skin slightly drier than I'd like but I never get that feeling with Clinique. This face wash really is perfect for any skin type and especially good for the winter time because you won't feel any dry or itchy sensation after washing. As an added bonus, it is effective enough to remove daily grime the first time around. You won't need to rewash your face as you may have done in the past with gentle face washes that weren't effective enough at removing daily dirt. However, note that it isn't touted as all-around facial cleanser that removes makeup as well, so don't expect it to make your water resistant or heavier makeup formulas disappear. Some other perks you get with this cleanser is the simple but effective packaging, and large amount of product for price. The only downfalls I could think of for this product are that it's quite big so not good for short trips unless you transfer it to a travel bottle, and the pump dispenses a lot of product when you only need a little. To combat the pump issue, you'll want to watch how hard you press on the dispenser. Overall, I'm in love with this product and will continue using it all year round as my morning face wash. Give it a try, you'll love it no matter what skin-type you have.

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