Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beauty Lessons

A compilation of things I've picked up over the years, beauty wise (in no particular order):

1. Less is truly more. This doesn't mean you have to stick to neutrals... it simply means don't do overkill. For example, colorful eyes and a bright lip with a lot of blush isn't flattering on everyone... In fact, it usually only works for music videos or magazine shoots. So if you love colors, that's okay too but just try to choose one or two to wear per day.

2. Don't pick, no matter how tempting. The satisfaction you think you're going to get when that pimple bursts isn't worth the months you'll have to endure with an acne scar on your face. Your best bet is to get it removed by a facialist or a dermatologist.

3. Wear sunscreen everyday! Seriously, you don't want fine lines or leathery skin in a few years? Well then slather on that sunscreen, even when it's cloudy!

4. Most of the time, it's the simple makeup that men find attractive. Most guys prefer a refined look over super bright lips or multi-colored eyeshadow looks. It's about you, but a little more glamorous that usually wows them and not the other way around; makeup and then you underneath is a no-no.

5. Have confidence rocking whatever look you choose! If you spent time and effort on what you put on, then wear it with pride. Most of those second-looks are probably because people wish they could rock that same look as nicely as you!

6. Copying celebrity looks and the like shouldn't mean exact products or colors. To achieve the look on yourself, you have to adapt the colors and products to suit your skin type, face shape, etc. You don't need to buy the exact same products used on that celebrity or get the exact same color. It's nice if you can, but even when you have the ability to purchase the exact same products it doesn't mean you'll achieve the same effect. For example, a bright orange red looks great on some people but others have to have a little pink or maybe red tone in the orange for it to work with their skin tone.

7. Imperfections are beautiful. I used to think that I had to cover up every little blemish or get rid and every little bump. These days, I think it's overkill to sit around and attempt to look flawless. Besides, what may seem like a flaw to yourself may be beautiful to others. So why waste your time trying to cover every single little thing?

8. Don't let makeup consume you. Let your skin breathe. Let your natural radiance shine. Sometimes, you are at your most beautiful with no makeup! I appreciate those that can truly embrace who they are and are confident enough to go out without any makeup on. Who says you need makeup to be pretty anyway?

9. Practice makes perfect. That girl that can do her eyeliner perfectly in less than a minute? She's probably had years of practice. Don't give up if you're still shaky with certain application techniques. You'll eventually get it right!

10. Use makeup as an enhancement. Don't hide behind your makeup. Your features are unique to you and beautiful to others. Don't apply makeup to be someone else. Learn to apply makeup to show off your best features or enhance your overall beauty. That's when makeup truly serves its purpose.

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