Thursday, November 17, 2011


These past few years, I've seen my skin go from super clear to filled with rosacea-induced acne and everywhere in between. To combat all the issues I've had, I've literally tried the whole skin-care section at stores like Sephora and the like. But recently, I've reevaluated my skin care habits and found out that my simple routine seems to be the most effective (so far).

What are basics you ask? To me, it means using the fewest products possible that not only multi-task but work to serve the skin's plain needs. I note that basic does not mean natural or organic.

Only a daily basis now, I've been only using the following:
-sulfur treatment prescribed by dermatologist (for acne, day)
-argan oil (for moisturizer)
-gentle face wash alternated with oil-based face wash
-metrogel (for rosacea, night)
-vaseline for extra dry areas such as eyelids

To me, these six products are all I need. Truth be told, skin issue can arise due to a variety of reasons like stress, environmental conditions, allergic reactions, etc. but I truly feel that my reduction in numerous products has helped me combat my skin issues. Skin itself is a very magical substance. It can heal itself and protect you from the environment. I personally think all it needs and asks for in return is moisturizing and gentle washing.

So many companies get people all amped up over claims of brighter skin and less wrinkles. Have you checked out some of the ingredients in those items? Some of them really scare me... It's almost like an assault on your skin! The price people pay for some of this stuff is ridiculous and in my personal experience, half of the products don't do what they claim! So my point is why not stick to basics when it comes to your skin? It seemed to serve the people of previous generations well... Besides, the frills and thrills of promises by some of these products aren't worth it if you have a bad reaction (burn, scarring, more acne, etc.).

I'm not saying that you shouldn't invest in/use skin care products or that they don't work, but I'm merely reminding you, my viewers, to be careful of what you put on your skin and how much you put on your skin. If you found a product that works for you, great! But for those of you still suffering with skin issues, reflect on amount of product, number of products, and the ingredients of the products you're using. You may just be surprised to learn that your skin issues could be arising from overuse or use of products with irritating ingredients!

So if you're suffering from acne or any other major skin issues, I suggest first going to a dermatologist because only they will be able to properly evaluate your skin's condition and prescribe the most beneficial treatment. Then, try to simplify your daily routine. Your skin (and wallet) might just thank you for adopting the "less is more" policy!

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