Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Skin Care Changes

Fall is a good time to start investing in more winter-friendly skin care products. Many people don't understand that as weather changes, the skin is affected. That's why I've compiled a few tips for changing up your fall products:

1. Invest in a more heavy duty moisturizer. It doesn't matter if your skin is normal (combination), oily, or dry. Winter weather is harsher no matter where you go and your skin will show the effects of the climate if you don't properly moisturize. Think creepy face or flaking skin.

2. Exfoliate once a week. Exfoliating doesn't mean you have to scrub your skin away with a harsh scrub. You can always use a wash cloth or something with gentle scrubbing beads. Once a week is good enough, if you overscrub it's not good for your skin either. Gently exfoliating will take away the flakes and allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer better.

3. Switch to a gentler face wash if your skin is especially dry in the morning when you wake up. Something such as Cetaphil Face Wash or an oil-containing cleanser will clean your skin but not strip it of its much needed hydration. 

4. If you're skin is naturally dry and even the most potent moisturizer doesn't work, try using pure argan oil at night as a moisturizer. Josie Maran makes an argan oil moisturizer but if you're looking for something cheaper, Amazon has many brands of pure argan oil. If the sound of oil scares you, Yu-Be's Moisturizing Skin Cream from Sephora will work wonders for dry skin too. 

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